Obama providing arms to Libyan rebels.

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IS it true that the US President Barrack Obama is helping the Libyan Rebels by providing them arms and ammunition?

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  1. Guest9720

    US President Barack Obama has said that he does not rule out arming the rebels so as to overthrow Libyan leader Colonel Muammar Gaddafi. He confirmed America would supply assistance to opponents of Col Gaddafi in the form of humanitarian aid, medical supplies and communications equipment. Besides, Mr Obama emphasised that the Libyan campaign did not foreshadow military action in Syria or other countries where protests have been violently put down.


  2. Guest2346

    The whole UN resolutions were based upon a lie. Namely Gaddafi was threatening the massacre the people of Benghazi. What he actually said was " those who lay down their arms have nothing to fear, those who continue to bear arms against us can expect no mercy". A not unreasonable attitude many might think from someone who from his point of view was dealing with an armed insurrection.

    This has been deliberately misinterpreted by Cameron, Sarkozy and Obama as a threat to massacre all civilians.

    They have then used the pretext of "protecting civilians" to launch their support of one side in this tribal civil war for their own , as yet unknown, purposes. Many of the rebels in Benghazi are members of the local mafia, who were engaged in drug and people smuggling into Europe. Gaddafi had begun a crackdown against them at the urging of European governments. They used the "Arab Spring" as a catalyst to rebel against him. Others of the rebels who,according to US intelligence, have links to Al Qaeda have already stolen surface to air missiles from ex government arsenals ( wonder where they will turn up ?

    Make no mistake , I do not support Gaddafi, who is a terrible despot, even though Libyans under him attained higher standards of living, education and healthcare than most in the Arab world.

    By providing air cover for the rebels and, god forbid, arming them, the west is risking a spectacular own goal.

    Do we really want a rebel government who just might be sympathetic to Al Qaeda sitting on vast oil revenues just off the shore of southern Europe. How will Cameron and Sarkozy explain that to their voters?

    Finally what will other despots who currently think they are friends of the west ( as Gaddafi was until a few weeks ago) make of all this? Will they rush to develop nuclear weapons and other WMD, after all we are not bombing North Korea or Pakistan?

    Then again, if you have no oil like Mugabe in Zimbabwe, I suppose you are pretty safe.

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