Ocean county mall opens what time black Friday Nov 27

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Does anybody know the opening timing of Ocean county mall on 27-NOV black Friday.

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  1. Guest1003

    The Ocean County Mall remains opened for 24 hours. You can visit it whenever you want. It is a very famous super-regional shopping centre. It was first opened by Edward J. DeBartolo Corporation in 1976. The shopping mall is located in Toms River, New Jerseyon Hooper Avenue. You can access The Ocean County Mall from the Exit 82 of the Garden State Parkway via Route 37 East. Simon Property Group is the owner of The Ocean County Mall. It is scattered on the area of 890,000 square feet (83,000 m2).

    Boscov's, JCPenney, Macy's and Sears anchor the mall. It furthermore comprises some eateries, and a little food court. The Ocean County Mall is the only enclosed shopping place in the area of Ocean County. People like to visit the mall as it is a very famous tourist destination located in the Toms River area during the season of summer.

    The Toms River area, although expanding rapidly, was still relatively rural in the 1970s. The nearest malls to the Ocean County Mall were the the Shore Mall in Egg Harbor, and Monmouth Mall in Eatontown. As the growing demand for an enclosed mall in the area, the mall was originally planned to construct at the intersection of Route 37 and the Garden State Parkway. However, the mall started its operation at its present location at Hooper Avenue and Bay Avenue in 1976, with three anchors and one cinema.


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