Once again, Google, with its myriad of government connections, gets a free pass, John M. Simpson

by Guest3005  |  13 years ago

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According to the Federal Trade Commission they had ended their investigation of Google’s collection of Internet users’ personal communications by the company’s Street View cars.

First breach was made public during the month of May, when German data protection authorities found that Google’s Street View cars, who have been taking pictures for Google Maps, were also collecting the Internet users’ information, which is also known as payload data, over unsecured wireless networks.

This practice by Google was carried out in about 30 countries for which Google faces several investigations, including in Germany, France and Italy. Whereas in the United States, over the privacy invasions Google faces multiple class-action lawsuits. According to Google's statement it welcomed the news from the F.T.C. and reiterated that “we did not want and have never used the payload data in any of our products or services.”

This is not fair that the Government just let Google go like this, it should be charged strictly so that in future they shall never revise such activity.

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  1. Guest8890
    I believe that collection of personal data is not legal at all anywhere in the world. I think all the investigations against Google would be ended in a fairly manner and Google will be looking forward for the successful completion of such activity not in US and other 30 countries of the world rather, they'll complete their tasks all around globe. Suing giants like Google is not an easy task.

  2. Guest5320
    Stealing user's personal information is something i didn't expect from Google. Strict measures must be taken by the government in order to stop google from stealing user information. Google should be heavily charged for the breach.
  3. Guest4859
    I don't know what's wrong with Google. Previously, it came up with deteriorating updates like Jagger and Mayday and now they've started stealing personal data. In order to avoid such negative activities by Google, we should all stand out against it, so that they can never dare to do anything like this in future.
  4. Guest8081
    Privacy protection is the biggest challenge at the moment, and it must be taken strict care of!
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