Ondo: A futuristic Musical Phone Concept

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Ondo: A futuristic Musical Phone Concept

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  1. Amit bang
    A concept phone has been in the making, for what mobile phones will look like in near future. Its makers are not looking at 20 years ahead, but just about two or five years. Ondo, is the name of the new concept phone which is supposed to be a music phone that is currently being blogged about.
    Unlike our conventional mobiles, Ondo has three detachable `sticks’.  Each of these sticks has its own Organic Light Emitting Diode screen. They form the touchscreen display of the phone together. They can independently be fixed with musical instruments or a person to get audio streams, when they are removed from the frame. Ondo will be made with flexible material that allows it to bend, material that has piezoelectric properties for its music editing capabilities.

    Ondo’s origins date back to way back in 2006, when Pilotfish, a concept phone did the rounds after Onyx touchscreen cellphone concept came into being. The phones however did not come into existence. It was believed then, that Onyx was too ahead of its time to become true as a product.

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