Opening Sports Shops in Pakistan; Need Advice

by Guest1922  |  10 years, 11 month(s) ago

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I have been working in UAE for last 10 years and now want to get back to Pakistan. I have a little amount that I saved and want to start some business back in Pakistan. I am, however, confused as I have never done any business, but I feel I can do it. The thing that I am confused at is the type of business I should do. I am a sports freak you can say, and was thinking if I should do something related to sports. Is there any expert online, who can guide me if it would be good for me or not. Please, tell me how much money would I need, which city will be best to take a start and what else you think would be better! Thanks!

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  2. Guest9752

    It’s good to see that you’ve decided to come back to Pakistan, especially in the times when most of the people are thinking to leave Pakistan and go abroad. Anyway, the idea of sports shop in too good too but you need to be careful in selecting the space, type of sports good and other expenses.

    I would suggest opening shop in a big city like Lahore or Islamabad/Rawalpindi. I won’t suggest Karachi, due to the circumstances there, but you can always expand there in later stages. Well, make sure that your sport shop should be near to a place where you can get maximum customers, i.e. school, college, play ground etc. You can have an affordable rent too, as in main market it may be costly.

    As long as costs are involved, it totally depends on how big shop you want to open. I would suggest you to come to Pakistan and visit the cities to check out yourself. That way you can better decide, how much to invest!


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