Or Metrosexual? Retrosexual?

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Or Metrosexual? Retrosexual?

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  1. Guest102584
    That's it that your boyfriend has more wrinkle creams than you and arranged late longer than you.

    The jealous male, urban appearance, user unqualified facials, regular peluquerÃ_ay of dress in the latest fashion begins to show signs of decline.

    Exalted by cosmetics companies and menswear brands, the metrosexual man has campado in Western societies for more than a decade embodied in an indisputable commercial icon, footballer David Beckham.

    Now, his reign is threatened by the landing called retrosexual man, a manly guy who retraces his steps in search of media attention.

    Mark Simpson, creator of both terms, has devised this new label for virile guys who are proud to be men without falling into an outdated machismo.

    Can wear an Armani and fix a plug

    To understand well, the man is smart retrosexual while I rude, can wear an Armani suit, but also comfortable and sportswear.

    At the same time, is able to solve a plug or compose a motorcycle, and get excited about a movie or embrace a good cause. No rake is very friendly and likes to grow a beard.

    I love the physical activity and care without obsessing, so preferred sports groups and more like fun.

    This category of men who shakes more than one, we find Javier Bardem, Clive Owen and Colin Firth. To you, can you think of any others?


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