P1605 A/T Diagnosis Communication Line Nissan. don't know what next step is ?

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don't know what next step is ?

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  1. amomipais82
    Unfortunately, you need the Consult II scantool from Nissan to read the specific code for the transmission.  The Controller Area Network on the Nissan goes beyond On Board Diagnostics II.  Now, you could go to Cottman Transmission and have them read the transmission codes for free.  Nissan will charge you something like $100 bucks to read them.  I bet the transmission control module, locatd by the transmission valve body is the problem.  I had a 2000 Maxima with a similar problem.  The codes were there but I could read no more than you.  It turned out that the transmission skip shifted when cold and that is what was setting the code.  After it warmed up there was no problem but the light stayed on.  I really do not think you could correct this one on your own.  It would pay to know the problem before you start throwing parts at the problem.

  2. Guest9404

    maybe check the fluid level in your tranny?  if it's low or out, would that cause a code???

  3. Guest8929

    cod p1605 x terra 2000 cod p0600


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