Paint your nails fall

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Paint your nails fall

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    Make manicure is an art, it goes beyond having presentable hands. Glazes are an item that give your nails a beautiful presentation. If you are the type who ignores this part of the body, or just do not give them the necessary care, you're missing an opportunity to add a personal touch to your style.

    September, the month of fashion has set trends all over the world, from Milan to New York. Usually the models pose on the runway with enamel in dark or metallic shades; share the limelight with the infallible colors are red and black. Even, there are some artists that this new fashion look.

    Autumn came and remember that no pastel shades Estana the forefront at this time of year, but the most important is that you feel and be yourself.

    Here we leave some suggestions for you to look amazing.


    The core that never go out of fashion and are easier to combine the colors lit as green, yellow or orange.


    If you like the sheen and frosty, fail to bring to your nails. The sober tones are ideal for day & night becomes the ideal companion for your accessories.


    The variety of military green tones combined with perfect textures fall, and with the natural environment of this time of year.

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