Pakistan Government and youtube problems

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I heard the Pakistani Government had some issues with youtube, is it true? I want to know more about it.

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  1. Guest7246
    Since it was founded in 2005, the video sharing website YouTube has faced varied criticism. This criticism has been focused on its content, its approach to the issue of copyright, and the site’s policies in relation to privacy issues, removal of videos and banning of users. In its Terms of Service YouTube prohibits/advises against the uploading of certain types of content including sexually explicit videos, animal abuse, drug abuse, bomb making, and “shock” material relating to accidents. However, it continues to face criticism over content that is posted on the site, on the grounds that it is distasteful or violates the laws of certain countries. The site has also been accused of censorship because of its removal of certain types of material.
    In response to a Pakistani government order, Pakistan Telecommunication Company Ltd tried to block regional access to YouTube. However, they later allowed it again after YouTube removed controversial religious comments made by a Dutch government official concerning Islam.

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