Pakistan accused of involvement in Mumbai attacks.

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Was Pakistan purposefully involved by India in Mumbai attacks of 2008?

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  1. Guest6190
    When Pakistan was accused of having involvement in Mumbai attacks, the Indian government wasted no time to stop their Cricket Team touring Pakistan. A Pakistan-India series was expected in March-April of year 2009 which was called off after India blamed Pakistan for the Mumbai attacks. This would have resulted in a big loss for the Pakistan Cricket Board who were then assured by Sri Lankan Cricket Board for a Pakistan-Sri Lanka Cricket series. This would have made the Indians very unhappy who had created a very good plot for destroying the Cricket in Pakistan. It was Pakistan besides India and Sri Lanka to host the world cup 2011. As a result of none other than Indian conspiracy, the hosting rights were taken from Pakistan by the Indian friendly ICC. Previously, there was no chance of a Pakistan-India Cricket series. When Pakistan lost to India in the world cup 2011 semi-final, the Indian PM Manmohan Singh was quick to promise a Pakistan-India cricket to resume soon in future. Perhaps the Indian PM felt so happy with India reaching the World Cup 2011 final, that he forgot Pakistani involvement in the Mumbai attacks and quickly agreed for the dialogues between the two nations. On the other hand, perhaps the Pakistani PM Gilani was so liberal after Pakistan losing to India, that he declared Pakistan’s defeat as the win of Pakistani nation. At the same time, there was not a single word against the Pakistani team on the media, which previously played a big role in making Pakistani Cricketers known as Spot fixers.

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