Pakistan and India World Cup 2011 semifinal match and heart patients.

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Will it be fine for people with weak hearts to watch the world cup 2011 semi final match between Pakistan and India?

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  1. Guest9977

    Yes every one should watch it, because its just a game and in games one team has to lose, Secondly these tournaments are an exta carricular activity just for an enjoyment, so it is not causing you a personal loss or profit so please enjoy it as a game


  2. Guest5411

    Its all about that how the match is watched. If a heart patient watching a match to an extent that it is just sports or a simple entertaining game it may well be worth-entertaining. On the other hand, if a heart patient watching a match thus considering to be a matter of life and death then such a big match like Pakistan-India world cup semi final is not and should not be there to be watched.


  3. Guest1485

     Well the match was fine and both the teams kept this in mind that heart patients will also be watching the match so they took the match smoothly and gently to take good care of heart patients. 

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