Pakistan fights back after losing to New Zealand and India beaten by South Africa.

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What was the perception about world champion when Pakistan won its matches and India losing?

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    After losing to New Zealand, Pakistan’s confidence was a bit down. Nevertheless, they were led by their captain in the next match and managed to win it on the basis of DL method quite comfortably. Similarly India also went on to win their match against a promising, though not very threatening Ireland side with not much trouble. At this stage, both the teams had qualified for the quarter finals and only were left one match to play. Pakistan was to play the three times World Champions Australia, who hadn’t lost a match in world cup since last time they lost to Pakistan back in 1999 in the group stage. As far as Pakistan and Australia were concerned, winning or losing would not have made any difference for the two teams as both had qualified for the quarter-final. Yet the match was important because the world was waiting to see the promising Pakistani team breaking Australia’s 34-run winning streak. Pakistan lived up to their expectations and won the match against the mighty Aussies by 4 wickets. With a win in this match, Pakistan was well and truly on the road to win the world cup 2011. Besides they also ended up as number one in their group ahead of Sri Lanka, Australia and New Zealand. On the other hand India ended up as number two in their group below South Africa and ahead of England and West Indies. Now Pakistan were to take West Indies and India had to meet Australia in quarter-finals.

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