Pakistani people are killed by Taliban and by Anti Taliban (which is government Taxes)

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Pakistani people are killed by Taliban and by Anti Taliban (which is government Taxes)

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  1. Guest8672

     Yes you are right in both of your opinions both these forces are working against the people of Pakistan. 

    People living in Pakistan are the most brave human beings in this world and at the same time among the most helpless people as well. They are still not afraid by any of these forces whether if it is Taliban forces or Anti Taliban forces. They are bravely fighting both these forces. 

    But now there should be an end to this atmosphere as it reached to the maximum limit of brutality by both of these forces. The Prime Minister of Pakistan Yousaf Raza is the man who wear suit worth more than 50 Lac rupees. In the country where people are dying because of hunger the President to Pakistan like to travel with almost 50 cars along with him in the country where people are not being able to make two ends join together. 

    On the other hand the American along with the Jews Zionist are creating dramatic problems like the Taliban upon Pakistan. The main purpose of the drama by America is to divert the attention of the world from their Baby Israel so that they can butcher out the Palestinians without any notice. 

    They are basically providing the Muslims with the luxuries so that they should stay away from the Religion. They know that Islam is the ultimate religion and they are trying to change the reality but there won't be any such thing possible. 

    Pakistan is the country which is the only Islamic State made on the name of Islam and Israel is always afraid from Pakistan. 

    Jews Zionists with help from the foolish American are trying to weaken Pakistan so that the power with Islam should never get a voice. But Pakistan will one day land into Israel and help the Palestinians live on the land which was always in theirs. 

    So things are very much complex we need to open our eyes and be very watch full against people like the current ruler in Pakistan who are religion less.  

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