Pet Food to Recall PetSmart's Food

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Pet Food to Recall PetSmart's Food - everyone loves their pets and is concerned about their health and thats why you need to know about the petsmart's food recall. do not feed your pets this food!

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  1. Merlyn
    PetSmart has given the 2009 Pet Food Recall due peanut butter concerns of dog food. PetSmart's recall seven of their pet biscuit products. The Pet Food storage facility violated the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act. Lalate broke the first FDA in 2009 about Peanut butter recall, and has since been to update you regularly

    During the April inspection FDA inspectors reported "widespread and active rodent and bird infestation. It was allegedly storing Pet under" unsanitary conditions "during an FDA inspection of the Petco distribution center in April of this year.

    Although PetSmart is not aware of any reported cases of illness associated with these products. It has removed these products from shelves, and this page and perform recall as a precaution.

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