Pet Shop Boys reject Peta request

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Pet Shop Boys reject Peta request

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  1. Brett
    Pop group Pet Shop Boys have revealed they have turned down a request by animal rights group Peta to rename themselves the Rescue Shelter Boys.

    "Peta Europe has written to Pet Shop Boys with a request they are unable to agree to," reads a post on the band's official website.

    But the band admits the request "raises an issue worth thinking about".

    Peta's letter requests the name change due to the cruelty which they allege takes place in the pet trade.

    If the band were to agree to the name change, it continues, it would "encourage your millions of fans to consider giving a home to an abandoned or unwanted animal from an animal shelter".


    In her letter, Peta's special projects manager Yvonne Taylor admits that her request "may at first seem bizarre".

    It goes on to list a series of criticisms against the way pet shops obtain, maintain and house their animals.

    Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe were inspired to call themselves the Pet Shop Boys by friends who worked in a pet shop in west London.

    Originally named West End, the electronic pop duo won a Brit award for their outstanding contribution to music earlier this year.

    The group - whose hits include West End Girls, Heart and It's A Sin - released Yes, their 10th studio album, last month.

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