Pre-incident timeline of Air India Flight 182.

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Air India Flight 182 operated by Boeing 747-237B has a bomb blast in 1985. Is there anyone who knows about the commission of inquiry for Air India Flight 182?

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    Most official accounts place responsibility for the attack on Sikh extremism, though many groups believe their movements have been unfairly blamed. Tensions go back before the Partition of India in 1947 which resulted in much violence and hardship. The partition created the largely Muslim state of Pakistan and India. The state of Punjab was also divided. Later arose the Khalistan movement to create another Sikh homeland in the Punjab region of India, harking back to the 18th century Sikh Empire. Canada's Security Services of the RCMP had followed the Khalistan movement since 1974, but did not consider them to be a threat until 1981. Sikh immigration to Canada began before the early 1900s where they suffered discrimination in British Columbia. During the 1970s, many of who would become the leaders and members of the Babbar Khalsa such as Talwinder Singh Parmar, Ajaib Singh Bagri, Ripudaman Singh Malik and Inderjit Singh Reyat had settled in Canada. By the 1980s, the area around Vancouver had become the largest center of Sikh population outside India.

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