Preparing a car for painting by yourself

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I was planning to get my car a new paint. However, when I went to the auto dent specialist and the painter they gave me an estimate that is quite out of my range. For this reason, I would want someone to guide me so that atleast I could prepare my car for a new paint by myself to save some cost.

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  1. Harrydgr8

    The purpose of preparing your car for paint is providing the smoothest possible surface for the paint to hold on. Although it will require a lot of hard work along with sanding and cleaning but will also save you a lot of cost. Start sanding your car with the roughest grade sand paper you can possibly find starting with the parts that already have chipped paint. After using the higher grade sandpaper, replace it with a finer one and again sand your car. This may consume half or full day so be prepared to invest your time. After that you would need to apply several layers of paint primer or atleast two coats all over the body of your car. Be informed that the primers are of two types, the high build primer used before and the guide coat which is colorful and used after the first one. Wipe down the entire car surface with cleaning solutions such as the grease or wax remover before applying the finishing primer, making atleast two coats of primer sealant to prevent the paint from chipping off in quick time.

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