Price hike in Pakistan and international markets (a govt excuse)

by Guest1371  |  12 years, 9 month(s) ago

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Govt representatives always associate price hikes with international markets. Here I give you some prices which I am marking since 5 years in France.
Sugar - 1.39€/kilo- 161.24 PKR
Dal Masoor - 1.20€/kilo - 139 PKR (imported from India)
Oil Su...nflower - 0.70€/litre - 81PKR
Chicken - 2.40€/Kilo - 278 PKR
and I can give you the whole list, but I have not seen any change but slight sometimes and not upwards all the time. So who's going to buy this theory of Government

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  1. Guest3936

    Price hike is directly proportional to the remaining government term 

    when government term decreases the price increases 

    when government term increase the price decreases


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