Price of brother sonata model 6680C sewing machine

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I have a question related to the sewing machines. I like to sew and I am buying new machine for this purpose. Although there are so many different brands of sewing machines available in the market.  However, I would appreciate if anyone could tell me the price of brother sonata model 6680C.

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  1. Guest4207

    The Sonata 6680C is by all means a useful thing to have in your house. It is computerized to make sewing easier and give you more control. The machine is more of a fun to operate than any other machine because of its features. Different decorative stitches can be made with the adjustable needle position on this sewing machine. Now sewing heavy fabric is no more a problem with the adjustable presser foot pressure. A very useful and unique feature is the adjustments possible on the stitch. The length as well as the width can be changed to allow for finer control over the final stitch. Clothes that look just like shelf bought ready to wears, can be created using the cover stitch feature. It is amazing that how easy the drop-in bobbin on the Singer Sonata 6680C is to operate. Hand embroidery has now become easier, since this is an embroidery machine as well. The selectable embroidery stitches can be used to make fancy stitches. The free arm on this sewing machine makes the large work easier as well. The price of this useful household is near about $150.

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