Prince Williams wedding uniform choice.

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I heard that Prince Williams has chosen the scarlet of the Guards rather than the blue of the Royal Air Force for his wedding uniform. It is a surprising news. Can someone tell me the reason why he did that? Do you have any knowledge about that? Someone please share information here.

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    Prince William has made an astonished pick of uniform for his wedding on Friday, opting for the scarlet of the Guards alternatively the blue of the Royal Air Force. As a track down and rescue helicopter pilot in the RAF, bulk had predicted William would become threadbare his plain, blue RAF flight lieutenant's uniform for his wedding ceremony to Kate Middleton at Westminster Abbey. However, the prince is also the honorary colonel of the Irish Guards and has picked to become threadbare their red tunic, his highest-ranking uniform. His pick will probably be supposed as a nod of recognition to those Irish Guards serving in Afghanistan. The regiment deployed in October 2010 for a six-month tour of duty and has hidden three soldiers on the existing operation. However, the prince not able to become threadbare a bearskin covering -- instead he will become threadbare a peaked cap known as a forage cap. He will also be without a sword.

    "It's a bodily preference what he picks to become threadbare but the main intent is it's his senior honorary appointment in the army," a spokesman for his St James's Palace in the home conveyed AFP.

    "It is the highest-ranking uniform that he has at his disposal."

    Queen Elizabeth made her grandson the colonel of the Irish Guards in February. It is William's simply honorary appointment in the army.

    Though not as feverishly looked ahead to as Middleton's dress, the prince's uniform is nonetheless a surprise.

    Some bookmakers had finished taking bets on William threadbare his RAF colors, with the odds coming 20-1 on.

    The terminal royal wedding to attribute a groom marrying in red was that of William's aunt Princess Anne and Captain Mark Phillips at Westminster Abbey in 1973.


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