Procedure to Highlight in Photoshop

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I need to modify my photograph in Photoshop software, please give me detailed idea of Procedure to Highlight in Photoshop.

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  1. Guest5271

     A part of a picture is emphasized, you will only change that part of the picture; remainder of the picture will stay unchanged. This is helpful when you require rubbing out components of a picture or adding minutia to a specific part of an image, for example the background.

    •         Launch Photoshop on your computer.

    •         Click "File" and then bang "Open" to browse your computer for the picture you desire to edit.

    •         Double-click the picture to burden it in Photoshop.

    •         Click the "Magic Wand" device in the toolbar.

    •         Type a numerical worth, from 0 to 255, in the "Tolerance" text box. A smaller tolerance determinants the device to focus only colors very alike to the pixel you bang, while a higher tolerance will focus a broader variety of colors.

    •         Place ascertain in the box besides the "Contiguous" setting in the toolbar if this setting is not currently selected.

    •         Click the locality of your picture you would like to highlight. The "Magic Wand" tool will mechanically focus all contiguous localities that comprise alike color to the pixel you clicked.

    •         Hold the "Shift" key on your computer and bang on another part of the picture with the "Magic Wand" device to focus another section. Repeat this method until you've emphasized the full locality of the image you would like to edit. You can now decorate, rub out or change this emphasized part without influencing any other part of the image.

  2. Guest1345

     The Highlight adjustment in Photoshop cs is a great new feature that offers a quick and easy method of correcting the lighting in your images. It allows you to correct over and underexposed areas in your image. Here are some of the steps that you can follow to get your picture highlighted through Photoshop:

    1. Open an image in dire need of repair and choose image, go to adjustments and select shadow/highlight.

    2. Move the amount slider to adjust the amount of correction for your shadows and your highlights.

    3. If you get the results you wanted on your photos, click ok.

    4. Drag the tonal width slider to increase or decrease the range of tones adjusted in the shadows or highlights.

    5. Drag the radius slider to increase or decrease the number of pixels used in the local neighborhood.

    6. Click the save as defaults button to save and make your settings the defaults.

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