Procedure to invest in Mutual fund in Philippines

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I want to invest in mutual fund in Philippines. Can someone tell me the procedure to invest in mutual fund?

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  1. Guest5595
    Mutual fund is one of the best investments available in Philippines. Now a day, people invest in mutual funds, and wait to make your money grow. Here is the procedure to invest in mutual fund:
    • First, get a copy of the mutual fund and study its prospectus. You get the prospectus in the website of mutual fund.
    •  You get an application form or an account opening form of the mutual fund. It’s upon your choice and invests.
    • For individual or personal account, 2 photocopies of company ID, driving license copy and passport copy or government ID. And for the corporate accounts, you must attach the copies of, SEC certificate of Registration, Secretary Certificate, and Secretary’s certificate on the percentage of ownership.
    • Then go to the office to pass your requirements and applications form
    • Directly, you deliver  your payments to the mutual company office by the funds account
    • A receipt and statement of mutual fund account will issued by the company. You can easily see the number of shares.

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