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I want to create my own website and want to know the whole procedure for it. Can someone tell me about the whole procedure of it. Thanks in advance.

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  1. OpeningWicket

    To create a website you need three things:

    1)Domain name.

    2)Web Hosting - to host your site.

    3)Finally,you need to design the website.

    To get these three things I recommend here you can register your domain at low cost and also they are  providing Linux based web hosting plans with many features at low cost. They provide excellent service and support. They provide SiteStudio - a free website building software using which you can design your website easily  .

  2. Guest10033
    Before you can create a website you have to make sure you find an appropriate domain name and a reliable web hosting service. You have to be very careful when deciding what services to choose, as this can play a big role on the overall performance of your website (stability, speed, up-time etc). We will show you exactly where to find the best deals as we go along.
    Step 1: Register a Domain Name
    As already mentioned, that you have to be careful when registering a domain name. Many visitors get their first impression about the website based on your domain name. This is why you want to make sure your domain name:
    a) Is relevant to the content of your website
    b) Is simple & easy to remember (preferably a catchy phrase)
    c) Is short and descriptive
    d) Has the right extension (.com, .org, or .net)
    Step 2: Set Up a Web Host Account
    After that you have your domain ready, it is time to put it in use.
    How to choose the best hosting provider? There are two simple rules you want follow when making this decision:
    1) Avoid cheap offers
    2) Choose an established host
    Step 3: Point Your Domain to Your Web Host
    This is a really simple thing to do, but most people left when they hear about messing around with their domain, changing stuff like DNS, name servers, etc.
    It is easier than you think.
    1) Go back to your domain provider
    2) Put your mouse over the Domains tab and select GO TO… My account… Domain Management
    3) Click on your domain name and you will be taken to a new page where you can configure everything about your domain, including the scary name servers.
    4) Click on Set Name Servers and a little window will pop up where you can make certain changes according to your wish.
    Step 4: Install Word Press on Your Site
    Word Press is a free platform that has been commonly used by bloggers for many years. It basically allows you to build websites with very little effort on your side. It is a highly customizable, user-friendly and above all very powerful tool when it comes to the website creation process.
    Step 5: Configuring Your Website
    Once you can access your site and you can see the default theme, just add /wp-login to your main URL and log in using the information you’ve just set up. Another option is to simply follow the login link located in the right sidebar of your homepage.
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