Prom hair styles for long hair

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There will the special occasion of prom in my school next week. Please tell me some prom hair styles for long hair; these will be easy and simple to follow.

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  1. Jennifer

    Prom hair styles for long hair

     "Prom is an appealing communal happening for high school students. There are numerous choices for 2012 prom hairstyles for long hair to make you can look charming on the day.

    If you have long hair and you desire to get a new appealing hair style for prom, your perfect choice is to select a wavy style. In order to have the wavy look, you can first rinse your hair, then, crumple your wet hair. Put a little amount of mousse so as to hold the style in your desired shape. Avoid using a blow dryer, and it’s good to leave the dry in room temperature. Now, apply a roller by rolling 1 inch parts around a 1.5 inch rolling iron. Brush your hair by using your figures to split up the curls into loose waves. Now at the end spray some hairspray.

    Other styles you can consider are:

    • 2012 Prom Chignon Hairstyles

    • 2012 Prom Classic Updo for Long Hair

    • Side Swept Ponytail Hairstyles 2012 for Prom"

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