Public awareness campaign named Pray for Japan

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My friend wants to have some information on Public awareness campaign named Pray for Japan, please help.

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  1. Guest6723
    The San Diego South Chamber of Commerce, a San Diego based non-profit business organization,  launched a social media public awareness campaign in support of victims of the massive 8.9 earthquake and tsunami which hit Japan Friday.
    "After first getting word about the tragedy, my stomach sank and I quickly went into prayer. I could not sleep knowing that this was happening.  I wasn't alone." said the Chamber's Chief Executive Officer Ed Herrera.
    "Our Chief Technology Officer Timothy Barnes was just as distraught and awake. We couldn't simply sit back and do nothing. We asked ourselves what we can do so many miles away. Over instant messaging, we began working on an application for social media which would allow users to upload their profile photos or icons and stamp those images with a "Pray for Japan" ribbon for display on their Face book, Twitter, ad Linked In profiles."
    "No simple gesture of solidarity or awareness campaign can ever come close to lifting the heartache of the loss of  precious lives. We must gather as a unified voice in prayer so that these disasters claim no more lives and that a nation and Earth be healed." concluded Herrera.

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    Here's the original app for the social media  ribbon that everyone has

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