Put your self on a budget in Australia

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One of my very close friend wants to know, how can he put himself on a budget in Australia?

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  1. Guest9206
    A budget consists of making an estimate of the students weekly living allowances in Australia. It includes the students weekly income and then taking out of it weekly living expenses.

    Most utility bills will either be mailed out to the student monthly or every three months, the student can divide the estimate of the bills total into weekly cost. Add these costs along with food, transport and any other living expenses.

    Once all the information is written down subtract the expenses from the income, the remainder is what is left in the students bank account each week. If there isn't anything left over then it is essential to try and find a way to cut back expenses. Phone bills are usually the biggest expense for international students, it may pay to call the phone company the line is connected with to discuss the best plan for their usage.

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