Queen Elizabeth and the Royal wedding party

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Queen Elizabeth is one of the most prominent figures in the world and she is at one of the biggest events of the year. I want to know more about it, will someone be able to tell me more about it?

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    Well, queen was the most prominent figure on the wedding, no doubt and it was not just because she is queen, but also because she is the grandmother of the groom Prince William! I don’t know what exactly you want to know about Queen Elizabeth, but with reference to the recent royal wedding there are a few things to discuss about her:

    1- Queen’s outfit on the eve: Queen wore yellow outfit with an off white hat and a hand bag of same color which made her looking really stunning. A real queen. Check out the queen dress on wedding day and see how good she is looking!

    queen elizebeth on williams wedding

    2- Queen’s look on the wedding remind many of the times when she was young. She looked almost equally beautiful (seeing her age and the way she is carrying herself). Check out a picture of queen when she was young.

    queen elizebeth young

    3- Queen Elizabeth & Prince Philip, the everlasting love: the couple still seemed to be as loving as they were when they married. Standing by each other’s side, talking and enjoying together. Check out the pictures of couple below and see if there is any difference! Well, it was great to see both of them so happy and together!

    queen elizebeth and philip on their wedding


    queen elizebeth and philip on williams wedding

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