RCA TV when i tried to turn in few second the turn off

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RCA TV when i tried to turn in few second the turn off

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  1. Guest6296
    well there are many different things that can cause RCA tv to go on and off and i'll try to list few here:
    Could be the the front control board which has a bad connection on it,
    there could be problem with tact switches one or more of the tact switches are bad
    The good old remote has an issue where the remote sensor is defective
    Here is another one could be a cold solder connection in the sweep section of the Hi Voltage circuit
    The small coil on the horizontal drive dransformer etc. etc. etc.
    As you can see it could be many things and so far i haven't even listed the ones i know.

    Explain your exact problem and i can help further.

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