RMC275PVB oven / microwave combo - will it fit in my existing cabinet?

by Guest6714  |  12 years, 11 month(s) ago

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I am interested in buying a Whirlpool RMC275PVB microwave & oven combo. My rough opening is 24.75" wide x 41.25" high x 26" deep. The advertised dimensions are 26" x 42.375" x 26.75". Why are the dimensions different? I have 1.5" from below the rough opening to the top of my lower cabinet and 1.5" from above the rough opening to the bottom of my upper cabinet. My overall external width of the cabinet is 29.25". Will the model stated above fit without major cabinet modification?

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  1. Guest8127
    I would advise you to contact Whirlpool customer service to see which models will fit.

    Also, the installation instructions will tell you the size of the opening needed for it.

    You can download owner's manuals and installation instructions and contact customer service here:

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