RMUFF ready to start

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RMUFF ready to start

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    The sun, the beach and cinema, is 3 pleasures are mixed in our country thanks to the sixth edition of the Underground Film Festival, to be held at the Riviera Maya (RMUFF).

    Filmmakers, musicians, producers and writers from different countries will gather at the magical place located in Playa del Carmen, in order to participate in a forum where the most important thing is to give a place to the expression of film culture.

    This international event creators exhibit their short films for critics THINK and attendees generally enjoy the cinema. It is the first international festival of short films that are made in the Riviera Maya. The categories in which participants who submitted their short films at least 2 minutes up to 25. The exhibition includes works of animation, fiction, experimental, documentary, short film cineminuto and university.

    Activities will take place from 6 to 9 October in various venues, as the organizers announced, Fabiola and Paola Farias Zarate. The program will be published in the official website of RMUFF.

    This year the festival will be attended San Pacualito King Live that the film musicalize Bucking Broadway, western directed in 1917 by John Ford.

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