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[5:34 PM] Ffej: mornin ttimers
[5:34 PM] constant: i guess i gotta geton teh next bus
[5:34 PM] coresynonymous4: HI
[5:34 PM] martyskazdk: ehat does that long word mean ? xplure ?
[5:34 PM] constant: i have 35 minutes to finish getting ready
[5:34 PM] TeZz: hello
[5:35 PM] xplure: Attractions, marty
[5:35 PM] Lina: heil jeff :P
[5:35 PM] Ffej: i have about 2 hours to get ready
[5:35 PM] AyA: mascara on lower lashes as well
[5:35 PM] AyA: or just upper
[5:35 PM] Ffej: and ill still be late
[5:35 PM] Ffej: lol hey lina :D
[5:35 PM] martyskazdk: ahh.
[5:35 PM] TeZz: how is everyone?
[5:35 PM] constant: i have to be early
[5:35 PM] coresynonymous4: fair
[5:35 PM] xplure: Yeah on lower lashes as  well.
[5:35 PM] xplure: You need a stronger (?) make up if you perform something.
[5:35 PM] coresynonymous4: ..
[5:36 PM] bazza: jilla
[5:36 PM] bazza: still there?
[5:36 PM] nono: i fell out
[5:36 PM] justacameron: OMG IS THAT REALLY JILL
[5:36 PM] coresynonymous4: fawk
[5:36 PM] justacameron: jill is dat really you
[5:36 PM] justacameron: I haven't seen you in so long
[5:36 PM] justacameron: ARE YOU ALIVE
[5:36 PM] constant: low
[5:36 PM] xplure: Well, that word is the one everyone is saying to prove that he/she had learned russian,
[5:36 PM] xplure: martyskazdk
[5:37 PM] nono: lol constant
[5:37 PM] nono: that made me smile
[5:37 PM] constant: ;)
[5:37 PM] bazza: constant
[5:37 PM] constant: good nono
[5:37 PM] bazza: just tuned to drop A
[5:37 PM] constant: yeah bazz
[5:37 PM] Ffej: do you guys always leave your comp screen brightness to max?
[5:37 PM] bazza: XD
[5:37 PM] xplure: No.
[5:37 PM] salifex: Drop A sick beat
[5:37 PM] martyskazdk: allright.. .
[5:37 PM] nono: no
[5:37 PM] nono: if its too bright it brings on a migraine
[5:37 PM] Ffej: what setting do u set it at then?
[5:37 PM] Ffej: ah ok
[5:38 PM] xplure: 70%
[5:38 PM] Ffej: my vision started to get blurry
[5:38 PM] Ffej: i think its cuz my screen is always on bright
[5:38 PM] xplure: Or less at the day time.
[5:38 PM] Ffej: gotcha
[5:38 PM] constant: when i was learnign about tunings and capos and father in law said it was cheati
[5:38 PM] constant: cheating
[5:38 PM] xplure: lol
[5:38 PM] constant: that we shoudl just learn to spread our fingers out better
[5:38 PM] salifex: >tuning is cheating
[5:38 PM] salifex: wut
[5:38 PM] Ffej: lolll
[5:38 PM] constant: well...he plays keys...of
[5:38 PM] Ffej: real men play w that s**t out of tune bro
[5:38 PM] coresynonymous4: ohhhh
[5:39 PM] salifex: I dont think keys is the right word
[5:39 PM] nono: *spread constant's fingers*
[5:39 PM] salifex: But I can dig it
[5:39 PM] nono: ooh bb
[5:39 PM] constant: i mean....keyboard/piano/organ
[5:39 PM] salifex: Cross tuning can be cool though
[5:39 PM] xplure: Nono you missed a video that Bazza played about a girl fighting and peeing on a dude.
[5:39 PM] Ffej: theres no such thing as cheating when it comes to music, its just whatever sounds good
[5:39 PM] xplure: Was dope.
[5:39 PM] salifex: lazily cool
[5:39 PM] nono: ewww
[5:39 PM] bazza: hey hey
[5:39 PM] nono: i dont wana see that
[5:39 PM] bazza: i did not play this
[5:39 PM] coresynonymous4: lina played that
[5:39 PM] xplure: Who was it?
[5:39 PM] xplure: o-O
[5:39 PM] coresynonymous4: if its taylor swift
[5:39 PM] constant: actualyl he plays several other instruments as well...but keys are his favorite
[5:40 PM] xplure: Ohh Lina.
[5:40 PM] xplure: Bad gurl.
[5:40 PM] coresynonymous4: ohhhhh
[5:40 PM] xplure: Inb4 Lina comes back and bans me.,
[5:40 PM] Ffej: brb
[5:40 PM] xplure: Speaking of the devil
[5:40 PM] xplure: Hi Lina
[5:40 PM] coresynonymous4: d**n u str8t babby gurl
[5:40 PM] bazza: stuff sounds SICK in drop A
[5:40 PM] bazza: its stupidly heavy though
[5:40 PM] salifex: try A std
[5:40 PM] bazza: my strings can't take it
[5:40 PM] bazza: :P
[5:40 PM] salifex: thats not a d**k joke I mean A standard
[5:41 PM] ReginaGeorge: Goodafternoon Daniel
[5:41 PM] constant: yeah....heavy was never my thing
[5:41 PM] bazza: afternoon kristen :)
[5:41 PM] bazza: constant
[5:41 PM] bazza: check this :P
[5:41 PM] salifex: >greets bazza before me
[5:41 PM] salifex: b***h
[5:41 PM] ReginaGeorge: HI FEX!
[5:41 PM] salifex: 2layt
[5:41 PM] coresynonymous4: who da fuh da b
[5:41 PM] constant: i was always looking for brighter sounds...fingerpicking etc
[5:41 PM] Regina

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