Real Steel

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Real Steel

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    On October 7 hits theaters in our country 's new movie Hugh Jackman, tituladaGigantes Steel. It is a film directed by Shaw Levy, who is known from previous work as Cheaper by the Dozen, Night at the Museum and Date Night series.

    The film that made ​​her famous actor was X -Men, in which he plays the superhero Wolverine, the later 2 films over mutants were made, and by 2009 Jackman 's character had its own movie, in which participated not only as an actor but as a producer.


    It tells the story of Charlie Kenton, a failed boxer who lost the chance to win a title when robots powerful 90 kilos, and 2 meters in height, begin to compete.

    He survives assembling robots low cost, pointing to the amateur circuit fights. When this situation hits rock bottom, Charlie is associated with his estranged son Max to build and train a robot real champion. As the stakes rise, Charlie and Max, against all odds, have one last chance to succeed.


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