Real life Slumdog Kamran Khan

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Real life Slumdog Kamran Khan. The movie slumdog millionaire won lots of awards and is one of the highest grossing movies coming out of India. The main character from slums the most poorest area of Mumbai India makes it to win the who wants to be millionaire India.  Now there is a real life Slumdog success.  

Kamran Khan an 18-year old Rajasthan Royals rookie left-arm seamer who has shot into prominence after taking a wicket off a yorker in an IPL warm-up game against the Cape Cobras over the weekend, has expressed his happiness at receiving a US$24,000 contract with the franchise but wished he had received the money sooner as his family struggled with poverty.

"Had this money come two years back, I might not have lost my mother," Kamran told the Indian Express. Kamran was spotted in a Twenty20 tournament in Mumbai by Rajasthan's director of coaching Darren Berry and signed up despite having no first-class experience. Kamran said having spent his nights on railway stations when travelling for cricket trials, it wasn't easy getting used to five-star hotel comforts in South Africa. "Be it Lucknow or Kanpur, I used to sleep at platforms. I used to buy a platform ticket and spend the night there. Having slept all these years on a rough floor … Neend hi nahi aayee pehli raat [I couldn't sleep the first night].

"I always had monetary problems. I never dared to ask money from my brothers. I had one pair of white clothes for trials."

This 18 year old is for sure to make headlines when the crickers like Shane Warne, the Rajasthan captain, said Kamran, who bowls over 140kph despite his slight frame, will be one to watch out for this IPL season. Kamran said he didn't know what Warne had said about him. "Bahut fast angrezi bolte hain [He speaks English very rapidly]."

Kamran was overwhelmed by the change in his fortunes over the last few weeks. "Even until few days ago, nobody knew me. I used to play at the Azad Maidan in Mumbai and just hoped to keep on doing the hard work. I'd gone for trials to every part of UP but without success."

This proves there must be more hidden treasures in all walks of life in india, home to more than billion people.  What is really interesting about kamran khan; he is the real deal hiding nothing about his upbringing or how he spent his nights. Imagine having trouble sleeping in one of the five star hotels because you are used to sleeping on the floor.  With raw unpolished skills this kids is bowling people out. Imagine what he will do when he gets little bit of coaching.

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  1. Guest8352
    good for kamran, he is the son of a woodcutter who gained his shoulder strength from cutting wood in Azamgarh in Uttar Pradesh in north India.  if you see what he can do with the ball you'll be surprized why he is not on the indian team already?

  2. Guest9680
    This kamran khan guy is the real deal. he is going to make the headlines in this year ipl for sure.  after the loss of Tanveer Rajasthan Royals needed another rookie to heat things up and it seems they know how to pick the rookies. in ipl2008 Tanveer became the highest wicket taker and i'm putting my money on kamran khan this year to do the same.
  3. Guest5083
    Kamran Khan is a great player we should take like this bowler whose action are dangerous in indian team
  4. Guest9254
    I think god give him a chance to win his poverty , also give more trainning to give him ,he can win over his life as well as ckt.
    its the real story of slum dog
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