Reason of death of Al devis American football executive

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What is the reason of death of Al devis American football executive. Please help me in detail.

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  1. Daniel Phil


    Al Davis passed away at the age of 82 on October 8, 2011. The Davis’s team said that Davis passed away at his house in Oakland early Saturday morning. As of October 9, 2011, the reason of death has not yet been released.

    Following his death on Sunday, the Oakland Raiders put on a helmet sticker reading ""Al"" to honor Davis. Also, all the teams in the NFL followed an instant of silence for Davis.

    Davis left his wife, Carol, and his child, Mark, a graduate of California State University, Chico. Raider’s chief executive Amy Trask declared that the team will stay in the Davis family.

    The ""Divine Interception""

    A day after Davis' death, the Raiders performed the Houston Texans. Oakland was the captain of the game 25-20 late in the fourth quarter. On the finale of the game, free security Michael Huff intercepted quarterbacks Matt Schaub in the endzone to maintain the victory. The Raiders had only 10 defensive players on the ground to play. The play was mentioned to as the ""Divine Interception"" with newspapers speculating that Davis was the 11th contestant on the ground in spirit."

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