Recipes to make your own beauty products

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My younger sister is searching for the procedure to make her own beauty products at home. Is there anyone who can help us regarding the matter?

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  1. Jennifer

     "With you own homemade generic preparation method of natural butters and oils, which can be utilized for both the skin and hair, is perfect.

     Look for the usually utilized components in natural beauty items. Natural butters such as shea, mango, Illipe, cocoa, avocado and natural oils (coconut, almond or olive) are a couple of usually utilized components.

     Mix natural butter of your choice and natural oil by hand utilizing a mortar and pestle. For a smoother, creamier consistency, use a blender.

     Add vitamin E oil, aloe vera juice or other natural ingredient. Add more oil for a creamier consistency.

     Pour mixture into a clean jar and refrigerate. Use mixture as a facial mask or moisturizer.

     Blend and brew natural teas (chamomile or peppermint) in distilled water. Add fresh lemon and honey, let the mixture cool and pour it into a spritzer bottle for a facial toner. Refrigerate."

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