Removal of Overspray of epoxy paint on a vehicle

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Removal of Overspray of epoxy paint on a vehicle

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  1. amomipais82
    I have dealt with this and totally know what you're going through.  I take care of epoxy overspray for a huge boat repair company and they paint the big oil tankers and cargo ships with an epoxy type product.  It is very difficult to remove.  The painting company should be liable and you may want to get an attorney involved at least to write them a letter.
    First of all, an aggressive clay bar is your best bet, used with a lube spray like Meguair's Quick Detailer.  Wet sanding, from my experience is not necessary, and definitely takes off a bit of the clear coat.  The hard part is getting out the sand marks and swirl marks.  Very few detailers can do it right, and I even have a hard time myself.  It takes several steps i.e. Deep cutting step to take the clay rub marks out, lighter buff marks to take out the swirls from the deep cut, polish to take out the final marks, and wax to finish it off and protect.  Most detailers won't take the time to do it because it's several hours, even a day to do it right.  Call some body shops, not dealer body shops, and get a referral to a good detailer.  Take the car in to them and have them look at it and even work over a panel for you.  Go to the paint company and have them agree to pay.

  2. Guest324
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