Replacing Lamp on Canoscan 5000F

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Replacing Lamp on  Canoscan 5000F

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  1. Guest1465
    What operating system do you have? Go to the Canon support site:
    Use the drop down menu to pick your OS (Mac or Windows excluding Win7) Win7 may work with the Vista driver (I am not sure of this) or a native (in Win7) driver for a TWAIN compliant scanner may work. The above URL also includes links to the manual and quick start guide. Install the software, unlock the scanner (transport lock is near the hinge of the lid towards the right of center). Connect the power, USB and FAU cables to the scanner and plug in the power to the outlet and the USB to the computer. Turn on the scanner and see if you can scan.

    If you do have Win7 and have to use the Win7 drivers, you will not be able to use the buttons on the scanner to start the scan. You will be able to scan using Windows Fax and Scan (New scan) or Paint (File > Import from camera or scanner).

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