Required documents for registration by Indian employment visa holders.

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I want to know, which documents are required to submit by Indian employment visa holders at the time of registration on their arrival to India.

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  1. Guest3389
    The following documents are required to be submitted at the time of registration
    1. Registration form in triplicate
    2. 4 Recent passport size photographs.
    3. Copy of Appointment letter/valid employment contract.
    4. Copy of passport/VISA/arrival immigration stamp.
    5. Request letter and an undertaking on a Company letter head duly stamped and signed by an authorized signatory.
    6. Copy of Form-16/Income Tax papers in case applicant is residing in India for more than a year.
    7. Copy of valid and notarized Lease/Rent agreement OR Copy of C-Form from the Hotel OR copy of recent electricity/telephone bill along with the letter from the landlord, towards proof of residence.
    8. Duly filled in Registration Book.
    9. Passport in original.
    10. Registration required within 14 days of arrival in India

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