Retail Therapy at Philip Stein Store

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Retail Therapy at Philip Stein Store

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  1. Brett
    Philip Stein, the luxury item and watch maker has plans to open a boutique in Cozumel, Mexico. The location is chosen due the possibility of a larger customer and tourist footage. The wealthy tourists are bound to indulge in shopping at a store like Philip Stein.

    Retail therapy will be used to nail the customers’ experience. The idea is to calm the customers and making them more open to purchases. They will be shown videos, allowed to experience the product, indulge their senses and with verbal information, the impact is there to last. Visual effects in the store will also heighten the customer’s feel good experience. Retail therapy may just work when it comes to purchases. With the personalization of the shopping spree at the Philip Stein store, a satisfied customer is bound to spread good word of mouth as well. What more to ask for, than retaining a loyal and profitable customer.

    The Philip Stein watches start from $ 1600 and above. There are other interesting luxury items as well that will definitely please the senses of many shoppers and keep them coming back for more!

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