Review: Nowhere to Run

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Review: Nowhere to Run

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  1. Guest102351
    Original title: Abduction

    Director: John Singleton

    Country: United States

    Year: 2011

    What if your whole life was a lie?


    Nathan Harper (Taylor Lautner) is a young preparatoriano seems to have everything: good friends, loving parents and even a friend who would like to have something more. However, he has a recurring dream that haunts him since he can remember.

    Doing work for school with Karen (Lily Collins) discovers a website that helps locate missing children. The plot thickens when he finds himself in the lists and decide to contact their biological parents.

    Action, intrigue and government secrets surrounding this story of a teenager who just wants to find his identity.

    The good

    While it is not the best written film of the year, No Escape delivers. 1 hour 40 minutes of action. Taylor Lautner shows us what he does best: martial arts (and show your belly, of course). The plot is fast and keeps you on the edge of your seat.

    Adds a touch of professionalism and experience first starring Lautner (Oscar nominated actress repeatedly) Sigourney Weaver.

    If you're looking for something light for the weekend, this is the movie for you.


    If you're not there for Taylor, is more likely to notice the flaws in the plot. Do not expect a film with great dialogue and believable story. This film would never be nominated for an Oscar (although perhaps for more than one Razzie) but it's a fun way to spend a couple of hours.


    Are you going to see a movie?

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