River and Waterways in London United Kingdom

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My father was asking me about River and Waterways in London United Kingdom but I do not know what to say. Please help me regarding the complete and detailed answer of my query.

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     "The stream Thames reflects London's diversity, from tranquil rural areas to the city's built-up vibe. London has abounding more waterways and canals to discover as well.

    The Thames flows through Central London and presents a spectacular backdrop to numerous of the city's peak tourist attractions. The 2,000 year vintage stream harbors much of London's annals, as well as supplying ongoing inspiration for creative individuals, instrumentalists and writers. There's furthermore an owner of fair and leisure undertakings you can manage on and round London's waterways.

    British Waterways: London

    British Waterways is the association to blame for sustaining the UK's inland waterway mesh - some 3,220km (2000 miles) in all. The Waterscape website wrappings the network's usage for leisure undertakings encompassing these London waterways:

    Bow Back Rivers The backwaters of the River Lee are amidst London's lesser-known waterways.

    Grand Union Canal The lone longest canal in Britain, the Grand Union connections London and Birmingham.

    Hertford Union Canal This canal connects the Grand Union Canal with the Lee Navigation.

    River Lee The 45km Lee Navigation has variously assisted for transport, waste disposal, inundate command, mill power and delight boating.

    Lime house Cut A directly canal transient through 3km (2 miles) of developed London.

    London Docklands Originally constructed round the Isle of Dogs to cater for quickly increasing boats, Docklands is now a lively enterprise and leisure district.

    Regent's Canal Linking the stream Thames at Lime dwelling to Paddington, the 14km (9-mile) Regent's Canal serpents through a wealthy built-up countryside encompassing Little Venice.

    River Roding A tributary of the affected by surges Thames in East London, navigable as far as Ilford.

    River Thames London's major artery sprints nearly 350km (220 miles) from source to ocean, has astonishing annals and boasts myriad leisure opportunities.

    Welsh Harp (Brent) Reservoir Designated a Site of Special Scientific Interest, the reservoir is a significant dwelling for wildfowl and furthermore characteristics water sports area."

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