Robbie Keane Ireland's football captain's response to Thierry Henry

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Robbie Keane Ireland's football captain's response to Thierry Henry. Ireland's captain, Robbie Keane, said: "On behalf of the Republic of Ireland players, I would like to thank Thierry Henry for his statement this afternoon that in his opinion a replay would be the fairest option.

"As captain of the French team, to make such a statement took courage and honour, and all of us recognise that. As captain of the Republic of Ireland team, I would also be happy for a replay to happen in the interest of fair play so that whichever team qualifies, can do so with their heads held high.  We can only hope that the French Football Federation might accept the wishes of both captains in the best interests of the game."

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  1. Guest2687
    Agree with ThechosenOne , it will never happened , and Ireland had to deal with it , cuz this is part of Football ,You win some and you lose some

  2. Guest6487
    your all wrong!!!theyll get a replay no doute!!!
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