Robinson Cano Wins 2011 Home Run Derby.

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It was a great contest in between Robinson Cano and Adrian Gonzalez in the final round of the 2011 Home Run Derby on Monday night. I heard this news on TV and want to know about the details. So I need to know that how many home runs are hit by both these player in the field during this contest of Home Run Derby.

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     Yes it was a greatest night when you are there only to watch the home runs and you find the ball travelling towards the fence ball after ball. In the final round of the Home Run Derby Robinson defeated Adrian Gonzalez by hitting a home run ball after ball. Adrian Gonzalez hit eleven homers in the first half of the final round, Cano came down to the field and maneuvered twelve homers over the fence.

    Jose Cano, Robinson’s father pitched to the Yankees’ second baseman, and watched as he hit home run after home run after home run. Robinson Cano breaks the best first half record by hitting twelve homers and overall he hit thirty-two long balls among which the longest one was 472 feet.

    By the time when Robinson entered the field it was looking like that he is there only to win the contest and he proved the same by hitting thirty-two homers and showed that he is the man who can turn very ball into a home run and showed a real class of play. Audience really liked the play by both the players as both of them are in very best of their touch. And here one thing which need to be highlighted is that because Mark Teixeira was not being able to make it through to the All-Star team so Cano was given a chance and he rightly proved that why he is there.

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