Ron Artest will Raffle off his new NBA championship ring

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I am a big fan of Ron Artest and want to know about raffle off his new NBA championship ring. Does anyone know about it? I hope you can share it to with me!

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    Ron Artest, who advanced infamy in 2004 when he climbed into the stands and struck a buff as long as a game-stopping scuffle between buff and players, is looking for public redemption by raffling off his new NBA championship ring for charity. The progresses, which he trusts will surpass $1 millon, will be employed to account mental fitness services for youths who can't have finance for the counseling. Artest became a poster male offspring for NBA horrid behavoir after the 2004 melee, which effected in his being poised for 73 recreational activities, amounting to a forfeit of about $6 million in earnings, he said.

    Artest was then playing with the Indiana Pacers, in resistance to the household assembly Detroit Pistons. Upon his revisit to the NBA, Artest recoiled throughout from the Sacramento Kings to the Houston Rockets and ultimately alighting with the Los Angeles Lakers, which won the NBA championship last season. It was as long as the win joyful function that Artest publicly credited a mental fitness certified with spinning his life throughout, and now he desires to farther public acceptance for population in want of mental fitness care.

    He and his partners obtained their rings in an observance Tuesday night before their game contrary to the Houston Rockets in Los Angeles. Artest said his will trial not to wear his first and only NBA championship ring, in order that the raffle victor will be the first individual to put on the diamond-encrusted ring.


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