Sachin and Murali to strive for farewell battle.

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The two big players Sachin and Murali at their last ever show in world cricket.

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  1. Guest5147

     Things might go that why, but in my opinion only Sachin will strive for the farewell battle because Murali already announced about his retirement. 

    But Sachin would most certainly like to play for the 100 centuries to set a land mark for the up coming players which should never to easy for them to cross.

  2. Guest6254

    The cricket lovers would be watching the two big titans of the big game for the last time on the biggest stage of cricket in the big game which is no other than the world cup 2011 final. Sachin Tendulkar of India and Muttiah Muralidharan of Sri Lanka will be featuring their teams for the last time in one day cricket. For this reason both would be striving hard to make their last game memorable for their nation.


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