Sanyo Multimedia Projector Warning Light goes red after 1 minute and no lamp?

by Guest9339  |  12 years, 5 month(s) ago

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I have a Sanyo projector and it turns on has the green light but the lamp does not turn on? It has a new bulb which was working prior to this issue.
The fan is on on start up then speeds up then slows down then I get the red light warning light. If it was because of heat why does the lamp not turn on and also I can immediately turn the unit back on and I get a green light again and the process starts all over?

Please help, thank you.


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  1. Guest3893

    Its better to get your,  Sanyo Multimedia Projector, lamp replaced. You didnot specify the model of your Sanyo multimedia. However, Replacement Lamp for Sanyo PLC-XU35 200-Watt UHP (with Compatible Housing), is available at for $252.70.

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