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My sister and her husband have recently shifted to a new locality where they have found a reasonable house to live. Now they are planning to decorate it, please suggest us some top interior decoration ideas.

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  1. Jennifer

     "Here are some of the useful tips for you to decorate your new home as per your desire:

    Hollywood Glam

    Color the walls of your bedroom with Tiffany blue or turquoise with a background for a white tufted headboard. Dark hardwood floors dispersed with white faux fur rugs or thick, white full carpet is an attractive support to the blue or turquoise walls. Bold, oversized artwork and Venetian etched mirrors beautifies the walls and black and white colored pillows support the furniture to complement your Hollywood glam interior.

    Shabby Chic

    Take distinctive furniture that supports each other to conceive a shabby chic interior. Light tinted walls combine with carpeted, tiled or hardwood floors to conceive a neutral palate for overstuffed seating enclosed in solid white, pastel or small floral fabrics.


    Clean lines, bold colors and metal style focus a contemporary interior. A white leather sofa, long and sleek, paired with an oversized glass coffee table aligns a state-of-the-art living room while leather platform beds or short and simple posts work in an up to date bedroom. Black hardwood or ceramic floors with plush rugs compare with the white walls to make an appealing contemporary style statement.


    Create an eclectic style for your home with a blend of designs that you find appealing. If you prefer an up to date style bold hue and your romantic mood loves shabby chic lighting and accessories, combine the two simultaneously to conceive a cozy room that makes you happy."

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