Security at Barack Obamas Inauguration

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Security at Barack Obama’s Inauguration - The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has a real task at hand planning for the inauguration has been on going for the last eight months dating back to june 2008.  

FBI’s Washington filed office has become wall mart of security equipments such as Large trucks, not caption Data himself but his first cousin; a bomb-detecting robot, even canisters with hundreds of gallons of water to disrupt a car bomb and other emergency response equipment stretch down a block near the FBI's Washington Field Office.

For the first time in history a special agent in-charge of counterterrorism said there was no credible intelligence warning of any attack. Visitors already had a chance to see a replica of Air Force One and the Oval Office on Saturday as part of an exhibit on the American Presidency.

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  1. Guest6430
    Security is airtight on all major airports and boarders coming in and out of the USA and thousands of undercover agents are rooming all entry and exit points especially in Washington DC; from beggars to shopkeepers, to street bums undercover agents are everywhere.

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