Sept 26 password for Pokerstars 25K Million Dollar freeroll

by Guest2153  |  11 years, 6 month(s) ago

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does anyone have the password for todays Pokerstars Million Dollar Freeroll.  Live in Canada and the show airs Saturday night.  I watched but did not catch the password.

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  1. Guest5441
    I'm in Canada, just watched the full episodes season 2 challenge and I got the password.  Don't be lazy, you have lots of time to watch as it's very entertaining.   I'm not going to provide the password, if you watch the episodes you'll get it..

  2. Guest3584
    I watched the whole show last night and never saw the password, could you please tell me what it is?
  3. Guest7227
    what is it
  4. Guest89
    this is bs... i watched the show twice and believe me they did not show the password at the end of the show here for some reason...

    come on somebody give me the pass
  5. Guest3454
    Can we watch the video online?
  6. Guest883
    I don't know what it is but at a guess it could be ELWAY or MONEYMAKER, as they were the 2 players on last nights show!
  7. Guest5858
    How could we watch this video online?
  8. Guest3720
    ive watched it and no password !!
  9. Guest3100
    It's there CLEAR as day, full episodes Season 2 online.  While you still have time
  10. Guest7688
    He's not telling you the password because he doesn't know it.
  11. Guest658
    me too i dont see past i presume its moneymaker or elway
  12. Guest2608
    I definateley Know the password. Once again watch the On Line Poker Stars Million Dollar Challenge Season 2, Choose "watch full episodes" and it appears in big gold letters with a big gold trim. If you actually had an interest in the show you would be paying attention, it is a great concept.
    You have to Watch The Episodes.  And no it's not any of the names you've been commenting on..
  13. Guest4818
    on what sit????
  14. Guest225
    Sorry folks, here is the actual link, you'll have the password within the first 3 episode.
  15. Guest2932
    none of the links work....why doesnt someone just tell us the password....there is no season 2 episode 2 online i have searched for a while....
  16. Guest8136
    none of the links work....why doesnt someone just tell us the password....there is no season 2 episode 2 online i have searched for a while....
  17. Guest1950
    can u please post the password ? i still cant find it?
  18. Guest8913
    From, the password is BROOKE. However, wasn't it the password for last week?
  19. Guest4210
    Try JAYDE
  20. Guest2400
    i just have cable tv n i live in Ont its on tv at 3 chanlge 38 n i dont have it but i will whatch it n give the password out
  21. Guest5848
  22. Guest8040
    just to make sure i got the password for the right episode was it the one with the lady who works at a school for deaf people, john elway, a sgt., and another girl?
  23. Guest2854
    yessss is it jayde or monermaker????
  24. Guest5526
    it elway
  25. Guest5291
    the answer is ELWAY.just watched it.and to ll you people playing games a big rasberry.
  26. Guest4333
    The Password is ELWAY all in Caps
  27. Guest2011
    the answer is ELWAY it must be capitalized
  28. Guest8672
    PLEASE PASSWORD 10/26/10
  29. Guest2808
  30. Guest1150
  31. Guest682
    It's ELWAY
  32. Guest4645
    Many thanks for telling us it is ELWAY
  33. Guest7863
    I watched the online video and it told me the password is MONEYMAKER, which did not work.

    Typed in ELWAY, and it worked!

    Thanks a lot.
  34. Guest2006
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