Service charges of Changi Singapore

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I am planning for Singapore in my vacations; and want some information on service charges of Changi Singapore.

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  1. Guest6365
    To prevent abuse of Changi Singapore AES resources, AES may levy a service charge on all airlines, air carriers, ground handling agents, facilities managers, project/maintenance contractors, owners, tenants; or any contractors/sub-contractors engaged by them; and all parties operating or working in Changi Airport, the Changi Airfreight Centre or Seletar Airport for any of the following services:

    Removal of Fuel Hazards
    Refuelling / Defuelling Standby
    Explosives Escort
    Hot Works Standby
    First Aid Fire Appliances (FAFA) training
    False fire alarm activation turnout
    Vehicle escort
    Fire Patroller duties
    The schedule of rates are listed below: Fire Vehicle: $350 per vehicle per hour or part thereof excludes GST
    Sea Rescue Craft: $870 per vessel per hour or part thereof excludes GST
    Fire Officer: $50 per officer per hour or part thereof excludes GST
    Firefighter: $25 per firefighter per hour or part thereof excludes GST

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